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LÜHRMANN L³ online makes you an expert in prime locations – for more than 150 cities. Prospective tenants, investors, owners, property developers and project developers have been profiting equally from L³. The application areas are as varied as the information it contains. Our data history already covers seven years. In this way, you get a complete overview of the developments of the real estate in prime locations.

Expert knowledge with just one click
With L³ online you have access to all relevant location information as well as key site information at all times. Whether reports on current tenants, rental prices or property histories: our interactive map material from around 380 prime locations informs you comfortably with just one click. You can choose between selectable location reports and comparisons for retail key figures, sector distribution and location developments as a direct comparison.
Regularly updating of the database ensures that you always use the latest data - at no extra cost.

Experience and expertise
L³ online was created in cooperation with bulwiengesa, the independent analysis service provider. The combined expertise has created an innovative planning tool with numerous application possibilities. The centrepiece is the interactive map, which can be adapted to your individual information needs.




  • 152 cities
  • 381 streets
  • !!! All hotspots
Follow us to your region’s potential

Germany's cities are the focus of international retail expansion. In the competition for the inner-city prime locations, current knowledge trumps. LÜHRMANN knows German prime locations like no other. With companies in the most sought-after cities, we are always on-site and recognise innovations at an early stage. LÜHRMANN L3 online shows you what's happening in German city centres.

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Special edition for the 25th anniversary

Since 1992, LÜHRMANN has been the expert for retail properties in prime and specialist retail locations. 25 years of expertise combined with long-term knowledge of city centre development and a feel for trends is what we will offer you. The anniversary edition of LÜHRMANN L3 shows you what's happening in Germany's city centres.

Our guide lists of 146 cities show 346 streets and their local hotspots. Our carefully prepared knowledge of centrality, buying power, sales level and continuous rental price trends gives you comprehensive information on the potential in the region. We provide you with an exceptional information base for your business strategy – focussed, individual and future-oriented.

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